Recreational Rowing

Recreational programs are available for teens (14+) and adults with at least some level of rowing experience.
If you do not have any rowing experience, start with our Learn To Row program.  Once you complete the Learn To Row program, you may participate in a recreational program,

The Recreational program is appropriate for:

  • New rowers who have completed one of our Learn To Row programs
  • Those who have rowed before, but not extensively
  • Those who haven’t rowed for a number of years
  • Experienced rowers that want to row recreationally
  • Any level rower that wants to work on rowing technique more than conditioning

If you are unsure which program is right for you, please contact us.


The only way to improve your rowing is to practice, practice, practice. The emphasis in the Recreational program is to give you regular practice time to work on your rowing technique and timing with others in the boat. Although there is a conditioning component in the recreational programs, it is less intense than in the competitive group.


summer evening sprayEven if you choose to row in a recreational program, there are numerous opportunities available throughout the season to compete in regattas if you choose to do so.  Check the racing schedule for a list of regatta’s that LSRC will be participating in.


Several recreational rowing sessions are offered throughout the outdoor season. We utilize a variety of boats and you will have the opportunity for both sweep rowing and sculling . Participants in all programs should also plan on taking turns in the coxswains seat.

Recreational programs generally take place two evenings per week and Sunday mornings. There is a fee for each session. Please note you can register for a recreational program without making the committment for full-fledged club membership by registering for the program as a Non-Member.  See Registration for session dates and costs.

Time Commitment

Because of the variety of shells we have available, we can make adjustments as needed if you are not able to attend a particular practice during the session. You are expected to give the coach advance notice if you are not able to attend a particular practice. If your schedule does not permit you to attend all days of the session, please note that at the time of your registration. We can work with you to accommodate work or vacation schedules.

Drop-In Rates

Rowers not registered for a session may drop-in at any practice, as room allows, for $20/practice.