Learn To Row

LSRC offers a number of opportunities to row on Lake Sunapee, whether you have never rowed before or have years of experience.

In order to participate in any rowing program, you must be at least 14 years old and be a proficient swimmer.

Lake Sunapee Rowing Club offers the following Learn to Row and recreational programs for novice rowers:


Learn To Row

The best way to learn to row is to jump into a boat with some of our experienced members.  Beginning Rowers will partner with a volunteer sculler for 6 free sessions either in a double, or single shell (with each rower using two oars)  with close supervision. We’ll go over the basics and then you can learn by doing with the support of other rowers.

Prior to beginning the Learn To Row sessions, the new rower:

  • Must pass the swim test
  • Sign the US Rowing waiver online
  • Watch the safety video online
  • Pay the club membership fee of $150

At the initial session the new rower will be required to pass a flip test, and/or wear a PFD while rowing.

On finishing the mentorship sessions, the novice rower may join either the Small Boat or Recreational Program at usual per session fees, pro-rated as appropriate.

Register for our Learn To Row Program and join the fun!



Recreational/Novice Programs

Our recreational rowing programs are appropriate for rowers that have graduated from our Learn To Row program, or for more experienced rowers that enjoy being out on the water for recreation.

Refer to the Recreational Programs for more info.  Please note you can register for a recreational program without making the committment for full-fledged club membership by registering for the program as a Non-Member.


Learn to be a Coxswain

Coxswains are an instrumental part of the crew, and are responsible for motivating and unifying the crew. The coxswain’s primary responsibility is the safety of her crew. In addition to steering the boat, the coxswain also acts as the coach’s assistant.

Become a coxswain and hone your leadership skills to coach and motivate your crew. Coxswains learn by doing – with an already experienced crew.  The best coxswains also know how to row.  If you’d like to give it a try, let us know.