Competitive Rowing

Competitive programs are available for those at the intermediate or experienced level, usually over one-year of consistent rowing.


No matter how long you have been rowing, or how well you row, you can always improve your rowing technique. In the Competitive rowing sessions, coaches work on both rowing technique and conditioning.  Practicing starts and sprints will also be a component of the competitive program.

We utilize a variety of boats and you will have the opportunity to row both sweep and scull.

Participants in all programs should also plan on taking turns in the coxswains seat.


Several Competitive sessions are offered throughout the outdoor season. Sessions for the experienced rower generally take place in the early morning during the week.  There is a fee for each session. Please note you can register for a recreational program without making the commitment for full-fledged club membership by registering for the program as Non-Member.  See Registration for session dates and costs.

If you have rowed before but not extensively, or haven’t rowed for a number of years, you may want to consider starting with one of our Recreational sessions.  If you are unsure which program is right for you, contact the Coach of the program you are interested in.


Whether you choose to row with the more advanced Competitive group, or the Recreational group, there are numerous opportunities available throughout the season to participate in regattas if you choose to do so.

Drop-In Rates

Rowers not registered for a session may drop-in at any practice, as room allows, for $20/practice.

concentrationFall Regatta League

A session specifically to train for fall regattas begins in late August.  Entry fee for the NH Championship Regatta in mid-October is included in the program fee.


Time Commitment

Because of the variety of shells we have available, we can make adjustments as needed if you are not able to attend a particular practice during the session. You are expected to give the coach advance notice if you are not able to attend a particular practice. If your schedule does not permit you to attend all days of the session, please note that at the time of your registration. We can work with you to accommodate work or vacation schedules.